Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fifth Step To Rapid Weight Loss - Increase Your Activity Level

In case you just stumbled on this blog, here are the 5 steps to rapid weight loss:
  1. Prepare mentally for weight loss.
  2. Reduce the most deadly white poison (sugar).
  3. Reduce the second most deadly white poison (white flour).
  4. Increase fiber intake.
  5. Increase your activity level.
The first step is by far the most important.

The subject of this post is step 5 - increase your activity level. 

Obviously, if you are sedentary, increasing your activity level is easy - get off the couch, take a walk, climb stairs, park your car away from the entrance to the store. This isn't the first time you have read this stuff. Just do it. Here's a big indicator that you have a problem (besides looking in the mirror at your dunlap disease) - your dog/cat is overweight. You both need to get moving.

If you're into more formal exercise, try a CD (walking, exercise, dancing, whatever you like).

The best exercise is strength training. The next best exercise is high intensity intermittent training.

Stop procrastinating. Get moving. Now.

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  1. I looove what you are saying about strength training and HIIT. Yes Yes YESSS!!! It is truth.