Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The First Step To Rapid Weight Loss Requires Accountability

In recent blog posts and articles (see Fail-Safe Weight Loss In 5 Simple Steps), I've been discussing a simple 5-step weight loss system that promotes rapid weight loss and improved wellness.

The first step (prepare mentally for weight loss) 
is by far the most important.

If you think about what you want to achieve, you will achieve it. In other words, you need to picture yourself at your ideal weight all the time and feel what it would be like to be there now.

How is that accomplished?

Quite frankly, most of us find it difficult to think about what we want versus the way it is. That creates major obstacles to weight management and results in the yo-yo dieting.

One way around the issue of creating major obstacles is to set up an accountability system. You hold yourself responsible for your weight management and wellness.

How Do You Establish Accountability?
That brings me to a recent dinner conversation about The Fitbit Force, an activity wristband that helps you track your fitness progress. Tracking progress toward fitness goals helps to hold you accountable for your actions.

The dinner conversation centered around The Force. Unfortunately, Fitbit pulled it off the market because some people reacted to the nickel alloy in the band. No worry, Fitbit makes a similar product called The Fitbit Flex. It has been featured in articles about fitness wristbands, along with the Jawbone UP 24.

Anyway, the woman I talked to loves her wristband because it provides motivation, helps her track her activity (steps, sleep, calories, time), and best of all (according to her), it looks fashionable.

You judge if it'll look sharp on your wrist - Click here for the picture.

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