Friday, July 25, 2014

The Second Step To Rapid Weight Loss - Reducing THE White Poison

Actually, if you think about it, there are 2 foods that could be called white poison - enriched white flour and sugar.

Sugar earns the title for the worst food poison. Restricting sugar to 15 - 25 grams per day (the second step to rapid weight loss) works for weight loss and wellness. Just by the way, the 5 steps are listed in this article and step 1 is covered in this post.

Unless you've been living on Walden Pond for the past several years, you KNOW excessive sugar puts on weight, contributes to heart disease (this one is more recent), and does not contribute to good health.

Are You Addicted To Sugar?
I love sugar.

In fact, I am a sugar addict. I was the kid who collected everyone's bubble gum from the baseball card packs my friends bought.

So, I made sugar restriction a habit. Once you get used to less sugar, too much of it is way too sweet.

Sugar restriction became a weight loss accelerator for me. I dropped the last 10 pounds of the twenty I wanted to lose in about a month.

Some people experience drastic weight loss when they get rid of sugar - the relative who stopped drinking regular coke (a 6-pack a day) lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Note that EACH soda contains almost 40 grams of sugar. 40 X 6 = a whopping 240 grams a day.

Click here to read my article about losing weight by restricting sugar.

Also, here's Mark Hyman's 10-day detox diet, a way to end sugar cravings and boost your health:

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