Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brittney Griner's NOT a Good Role Model!

Two years ago I wrote a post entitled Youngevity And The Championship Attitude Of Maya Moore.

Yesterday I watched Baylor's Brittney Griner destroy the concept of championship in the UConn/Baylor women's basketball ball.

In short, the Baylor "star" decked UConn's center twice. The penalty - one flagrant foul.

If you follow women's basketball, you may know that Brittney is very athletic, talented, and sets scoring and blocking records.

But she plays dirty. And this is not the first time. In her freshman year, she punched and hurt another player on the court.

She may be talented and make a WNBA team a lot of money BUT she is NOT a champion and never will be a champion, no matter how many titles she wins.

Would you want your daughter or granddaughter emulating a dirty player?

Is Brittany qualified to be a Role Model?

Should she be allowed to continue to represent Baylor?

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