Monday, April 1, 2013

Basketball is 90 percent mental - the other half is physical

The title statement is a takeoff on the yogiism (Yogi Berra quote):
"Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical."

It pretty much applies to any sport, given the correct 90-10 percentages. But in the case of the Louisville vs. Baylor Women's Basketball game on Easter Sunday night, it especially applies to basketball.

Louisville 82, Baylor 81. Unbelievable.

David beat Goliath in the biggest upset in the history of the women's game. Did I mention the 6' 8" Baylor Goliath Brittney Griner who is THE top shot blocker and 2nd scorer in NCAA history? And that no one on Louisville is taller than 6' 2"? 

And Louisville did it with a positive mental attitude, confidence, and pure drive. This team was ranked 16 against Bayor's number 1 rank. Louisville has competent players, but not a top ten player. We witnessed UConn beating them easily during the regular season.

So what happened? Their genius coach persuaded them to think so positively that they outplayed the number one team in women's basketball. Of course there was a game plan. But it could not work without a strong belief in beating Baylor.

Now, you might be asking what this has to do with age defiance. Everything.

LIFE is 90% mental - thoughts generate feelings about aging and suddenly you look and feel old. And useless.

But with a positive age defiance attitude, you can change how you feel about aging.

Start today.

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