Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weight Training for Women Over 50 - How to Start

I've written several blog posts and articles about weight training for women over 50 (see the reference list below). I especially like the New Rules of Lifting series by Lou Schuler.

But recently I'm thinking these workouts may be too taxing for women starting out in stength training. First, some women are intimidated in the fitness club environment. And there is a definite learning curve associated with weight training to ensure good form.

So, I started investigating other alternatives like bodyweight training and came up with DVDs that focus on at-home cardio and strength using (mostly) body weight. The two most popular are Insanity and P90X. Both are brutally intense. P90X is more strength training than cardio.

An Alternative DVD Set

I took one more step back to the program BEFORE P90X called Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp. It's the pre P90X program that's scaled back for beginners.

Check out the online reviews and the testimonials - people have dropped serious weight and trimmed up nicely.

Buy Power 90 directly from People who have purchased from Amazon seem to have problems with the DVDs.

I'm going to use Power 90 as adjunct training to the NROL Supercharged workouts I'm doing now. But if you are just starting out, don't want to work out in the gym, and are committed to being a fit female over 50, the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp is an alternative.


Weight Training for Women Over 50

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