Friday, March 4, 2011

Youngevity And The Championship Attitude Of Maya Moore

If you read my post about Jim Fannin's 90 second rule (, you know that he talks about youngevity this way: feeling young is directly related to and dependent on acting young.

You may want to give this thought and Jim Fannin's championship mentality as expressed in the 90 second rule another hard look.

Are you a champion? Do you live your life as a champion?

Or are you a victim, wallowing in self-pity and blaming everyone but yourself for your woes? Do you often say "it's tough to get old?"

A True Champion
Here's my concept of a true champion - the best college women's basketball player - ever. She's Maya Moore, a champion on the basketball court and in the classroom.

I mention this young woman because I watched an interview with her recently. Obviously wise well beyond her years, she basically said that she sets her (life) standards high, and meets or exceeds them every day in whatever she's doing - basketball, her studies, and her personal relationships.

Maya emphasized that this practice of meeting high standards is not always easy, but becomes a habit if you follow them every day. And that's the very reason why this woman is the best of the best in her sport and in the classroom. She has a championship attitude.

Now, it does help to be blessed with superior abilities. But even if Maya was not talented, she would still behave with as she does today - in championship form.

Well, what about you - start thinking like a champ in whatever you do - work, hobby, childcare, sport, and all other life arenas!

Act young and you will feel young!

Skip a bit every day.


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