Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carb Overload On The Vacation Weekend

Wow - a weekend in Atlantic City. How exciting! Slot machines, blackjack, luxurious room, and . . . whoops, bad carb overload!

No wonder eating plan/diet books include an "eating out" section. If you go off a low carb plan and eat high carbs for a weekend because you're stupid, then you PAY!

The weekend started with a Friday afternoon late lunch in a fabulous Italian restaurant in Elmsford, NY. Great bread soaked in oil, a shrimp and pasta with red sauce main meal and a bread-crumb filled appetizer. And of course the vodka sour! Good thing the driver was wide awake, because I slept the next 2 hours to AC.

The next day - Bananas Foster for breakfast - you really taste sweet when you go back to a high sugar meal!

After a little gambling and before the show - a trip to the casino buffet. Now I'm unconsiously returning to the low carb arena with shrimp cocktail (minus the cocktail sauce), a salad (ignore the croutons), and roast beef. BUT - gave up and had dessert - apple pie - it wasn't worth it.

After the show - back to gambling and into the vodka sours. They were yucky sweet!

On Sunday morning, no breakfast - just of lunch of lemonade and a burger with the bun and with ketchup. The lemonade was way too sweet!

After just 2 days of going back to the high carb world, I remembered why I started the low carb eating plan - to feel better and to lose a few pounds (http://agedefiance.blogspot.com/2011/01/challenge-your-beliefs-about-losing.html). Won't do that again - feeling good is much too important!

Wonder why so many Americans are fat? Sugar Overload! Try a lemonade with 14 teaspoons of sugar. Can't handle that anymore.

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