Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Challenge Your Beliefs About Losing Weight In The Book "Why We Get Fat"

There are no accidents.

As I'm assembling the components of my perfect fitness plan (see, pieces of it just pop up right in front of me.

For example, every knows that grocery stores place magazines so that us dumb shoppers can read the headlines/teasers while we wait in line.

So, last Sunday, while waiting for my hard-earned money to be stolen by the chain grocery store, I see "EAT THIS, LOSE WEIGHT - The New Science of Dieting." It's the February, 2011 edition of Reader's Digest.

I did the dumb consumer thing, and bought it. AND it was really a smart move!

Bottom Line - the award winning science jornalist Gary Taubes challenges common dieting beliefs in a book published in 2011 -

Here's a quote from the Reader's Digest article about the book:
What we tell people to do to lose weight - eat less and exercise - is exactly what you'd do if you wanted to make yourself hungry.
Whoops! No wonder dieting doesn't work!

Kinda piques your interest! Mr. Taubes makes a scientific case for a heart healthy low carb high protein diet and eating style a la Atkins. And yes you read it correctly - heart healthy.

I ordered Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It at AMAZON. More about its contents in future posts.

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