Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belong To The Baby Boomers Generation? Are You A Boomer Or Zoomer?

For those of you who do not follow this blog, the members of the baby boomers generation are either boomers or zoomers.

The logical question is - What’s a ZOOMER?

Easy definition – a zoomer is a boomer with zip - a boomer who has achieved health and well-being by improving and maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

My most recent blog posts have focused on exercise and nutrition because that’s what most people believe is the key to age defiance and being a zoomer. But it’s not the key. And it never will be.

Because – if you BELIEVE you will decline mentally and physically as you age – then you will suffer from decline no matter what you do.

Shatter the belief that it’s tough to get old, and you will experience wellness as long as you live.

C’mon – isn’t life’s problems all about your beliefs? You fight with your spouse because you have different beliefs about spending money and raising kids. You argue with your co-workers about who's right and who's wrong.

Are you a victim? The government raises taxes and is corrupt, and that’s why you are suffering monetarily.

Beliefs and more beliefs.

We shift the responsibility for where we are in life onto everyone else. But really – who made the choices to arrive at your present state? – all based on your belief system.

Clean (get rid of) these beliefs and there won’t be anything to argue about.

Get past victimhood, surrender to the fact that you cannot control anything but yourself, and propel yourself into an enlightened state of awareness. That’s achieving spiritual fitness.

And that’s the KEY to being a zoomer and to age defiance.

How do I know? I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Vitale explain and demonstrate how to become spiritually fit.

So decide right now – are you a zoomer or are you a victim and a complainer?

Get in charge of YOU, take action this very moment, AND click the link below to buy Joe Vitale’s The Awakening Course!

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