Thursday, March 3, 2011

Youngevity - The Key To Longevity From An Unlikely Source

On the way to work, I listen to self-help programs because it's much more informative than radio talk shows featuring hosts ranting about their hysterical political views (you know who I'm referring to) or the oldies station that plays bubblegum love songs.

The current program is called the 90 Second Rule by Jim Fannin.

Jim Fannin

Jim coaches champion corporate leaders and tennis, golf, and baseball players (Alex Rodriquez is one of his clients). The point is to use 90 second segments to direct each part of your life to achieve balance and what he calls "championship" status.

I typically listen to this programs 3, 4, and 5 times because staying present is sometimes difficult while driving - so I miss key points. On the first run at this program, I missed the segment on longevity.

But THIS morning, I heard Mr. Fannin talking about how to stay young by thinking about your life before age 4. Life before 4 years of age is carefree, devoid of worry, and full of playful exercise, trust, and honesty (Mrs Jones, why are you so fat?).

So if you can return to youthful thinking (with the adult filters), you have a shot at youngevity and will soon discover the key to longevity.

Fannin says he taught a Chicago Bears linebacker how to skip (like a child). In the middle of an important game (they're all important), this linebacker blundered through a series of downs and was subjected to a major lecture on the sidelines (with a few expletives mixed in). This 300 pound football player then skipped back into the game and made several key blocks leading to a Bears touchdown.

Acting like a child (in a good way) may just be the key to longevity/youngevity!

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