Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Weight Loss Plan Works . . The Doc Said To STOP Losing Weight

My doctor told me to STOP losing weight on my weight loss plan. Funny thing, I wasn't even trying - I was simply following the plan. I wasn't sure I knew how to stop dropping pounds!

Here's the short story of how I found my eating plan:

I was amazed at the variety of different diets presented in the US News and World Report magazine rating them. There were 8 different categories including best overall, healthiest, and easiest to follow.

After trying several of what are considered the best diets (as mentioned in the magazine) AND consulting with a naturopath, it is clear that common sense rules when picking a plan.

The naturopath emphasized cutting back on certain food categories because that's what affects weight, BP, glucose levels, and cholesterol. 

Based on her recommendation, I came up with my own eating plan that satisfies the following criteria:
  • It doesn't cost me money to attend meetings, pay for special food, or get advice I don't need.
  • I will not take meds or supplements for weight loss.
  • The eating plan helps decrease the risk of heart disease and type II diabetes.
  • The eating plan is a forever plan (I have to be able to stay on it forever).
Interestingly, this eating plan has also helped people lose a lot of weight; specifically, you can lose at least 20 pounds in 1 month.

Get a copy of the plan by clicking here (no charge, the report is free).

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