Sunday, December 1, 2013

Medicare for Dummies - a MUST-READ Book for Those Turning 65 in 2014

I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans turning 65 this coming year. These baby boomers, including myself, are entitled to Medicare coverage.

I have tons of questions that the government site doesn't answer or answers in government-speak. So I found this book - Medicare For Dummies - published in October 2013 and endorsed by AARP.

I've already got a plan for when to apply and the best way to apply (at least for me) based on the information in this book. Note that I bought the paperback version because I wanted to mark it up. I can tell you right now you have to be careful to apply on time else you end up paying penalties.

No, you do NOT have to get this book - but so far, it's been a big help. More on this info as I keep perusing the book.

You can rely on the experience of applicant friends you know or educate yourself for your unique circumstances. I'm obviously recommending the book and will continue to comment on it in this blog. There's more about my use of the book here.

Buy the paperback version by clicking the picture below:


Buy the Kindle version by clicking the picture below:

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