Thursday, December 5, 2013

Applying for Medicare - a Specific Case

Apply in person, online, or on the phone

The rules for Medicare application seem fairly simple, yet there are ways you could fall through the cracks and end up paying huge penalties. More on that later.

Before I explain how that can happen, let me describe my specific case related to Medicare application:
  • Age 64, birthday early April
  • Use high deductible spousal medical insurance with a Health Savings account
I applied the rules I found in Medicare for Dummies and came up with a personal scenario based on my specific circumstances:
  • The rules say that I am eligible to apply for Medicare during the seven month period from January thru July.
  • I can apply online, in person at a social security office, or on the phone. Fortunately, I live near a social security office so I'll apply in person and will bring in my documents (birth and marriage certificate, social security card). This way I won't need to send the original documents in the mail.
  • I will apply well before my birthday with the effective date of April 1.
When I go to the in person application, I will have written all the questions I need to get answered.

Beware of Penalties
Note that these are my circumstances, although yours may be similar.

On the other hand, if you are working and have medical insurance through an employer, or use your spouse's medical insurance, you may STILL NEED TO APPLY. Depends on the rules. If you think you don't have to apply, don't. But know that there are penalties for not applying on time.

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