Friday, November 1, 2013

Even a Senior Citizen Can Handle the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Okay.  I admit it. The  title of this article is just a wee bit sarcastic.

Just to let you know, I am a senior. I'm gray-haired. Sometimes I forget where I put things. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of tecnhological gadgets I have to figure out how to use every day. But I don't have one foot in the grave. I can use a smartphone.

Yup I'm ranting. It started with an article I read about cell phones for seniors. First, why do seniors need special cell phones? Not all seniors are hard of hearing, vision challenged, financially strapped, or live in their own Alzheimer's world. The title was insulting but the article made some valid points about cell phone plans.

So, what the heck. I love learning new things. I researched a bunch of smartphones and decided on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the reasons explained in the following article: Why I Picked the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

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It's all about defying age.

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