Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Encouraging Message to Post-Menopausal Women - Lose Weight and Re-Gain Your Health

Post menopause can be a frustrating time of life. It's difficult to lose weight and every time you see a doctor, you get bad news about blood pressure, sugar levels, and elevated cholesterol. And one of the most discouraging phrases that can come out of your doctor's mouth - "These issues are related to aging."

It's a death sentence. You're aging, showing signs of disease, and here's a pill to mitigate another sign of aging.

Crap! Who wants to hear that?

At 64, I am fortunate to have recently walked out of a positive health checkup. Perfect weight, BP normal, cholesterol under control, and sugar levels within reasonable limits.

It was a 2-year struggle to get to this point - but there are several activities I rely on to keep these wellness indicators under control:

  1. Keep sugar intake to a minimum - less than 25 grams per day. No rice, pasta, or potatoes after 5 pm. No processed foods.
  2. Keep moving. I do strength training, gardening, dog walking, and exercise DVD's. The DVD's are my newest activity - typical in-the-gym weight lifting gets tedious after 2 years, even if you change routines regularly. So now I mix in Jillian Michaels' short training sessions.
  3. Manage stress with meditation, slow breathing, and in-the-moment thinking.

The message to post-menopaual women is positive and encouraging - you can lose weight and regain your health. If you need a little nudging in this area - check out these books:

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