Monday, March 7, 2011

Youngevity and The Championship Attitude of The UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball Team

Okay – so I’m harping on the subject of the championship attitude as explained in Jim Fannin’s 90 Second Rule (see the previous 2 posts). I can’t help it – the attitude is contagious.

And I’m re-connecting that attitude to the subject of youngevity.

C’mon – some of us boomers just plain give up – forget about living well and just exist – especially if we have aging parents setting a real bad example – demanding respect where none is deserved, placing excessive demands on our already stressful lives, and generally being PIAs.

Yeah, we may love our parents, but some of them never learned this championship attitude and will never understand youngevity and the concept of a zoomer.

And I keep seeing examples of that attitude being alive and well in today’s society. The most obvious example is a sports team that goes beyond the call to deliver stellar performances.

Yesterday I watched the UConn Huskies Women’s basketball team beat Georgetown in a Big East tournament game in Hartford. The Huskies are a championship team regardless of how many games they win or lose and yesterday’s game is a prime example.

The pesky, fouling, street play shown by the Hoyas took out the offensive power of UConn’s best scorer – Maya Moore. In this game, there were no classic Maya fingertip rolls to score an easy layup. In fact, this player looked a little off in the pre-game warmups.

But the Huskies are a true team. Moore contributed by grabbing 15 rebounds and creating Hoya turnovers. The offensive push came from the freshman center Stephanie Dolson who scored 26 points. Outstanding all around hustling was contributed by Tiffany Hayes, Bria Hartley, and the amazing Kelly Faris. The Huskies never let up in a relentless drive to teamwork excellence.

When you are feeling old, you can be envious of youthful energy and zest for living. If you think youngevity, you can’t help being inspired by the championship drive in any of life’s arenas. The sports arena is obvious, but what about positive contributions to family life, to the work arena, or to education.

Be a champion – you can’t help feeling anything but young.

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