Sunday, July 4, 2010

A SureFire Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat And A Must-Have Workout Component Of Your Anti-Aging Program

Many people understand the requirement for exercise to reduce belly fat. In case you do not realize the health implications of maintaining belly fat – just peruse the Land of Dr. Oz’s web site Real Age! Excess belly fat ups your real age considerably!

Dr. Oz recommends a waist size approximately HALF your height in inches. Have a waist size of 36? Then are you 36 X 2 = 72 inches or 6 feet tall? WHOOPS!

Don't quite meet Dr. Oz's criteria? Begin your ant-aging campaign today - here’s the exercise to reduce belly fat . . .

The Fat-Burning Exercise
According to personal trainers Grant and Diane Herden, authors of the Defy Aging System, “15 minutes of short burst cardio is far more effective than running for an hour.”

In our Defy Aging System, we use short-burst intervals for our cardio exercises because they are far more effective at burning fat and losing weight than the long cardio sessions you’re most likely use to. More is not better when it comes to cardio training.

If you’ve never done cardio intervals,
1. Start with our 30/60 sessions: do 30 seconds of fast walking or running (or any other cardio exercise) at an intensity of 8 or 9 out of 10.
2. Follow this by 60 seconds of slower movements, working at an intensity of about 4 or 5. Completing this process once is equal to 1 interval.
3. To complete your cardio workout, do a total of 10 to 12 intervals.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program
The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program addresses this exercise to reduce belly fat as part of age-specific physical fitness. But it ALSO includes ways to boost brain power and mind body fitness (your thoughts create your physical fitness level).

And please remember the importance of sound nutrition, another important component of an anti-aging program specially designed to slow the aging process!

Use these sites to learn how to feel and look younger:


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