Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mind Body Fitness: Why Your Physical Wellness Depends On What You Think

Since you are what you think about, Mind Body Fitness involves using your mind to create the physical body you want - using your thoughts to bring about the actions that help you lose weight, reduce pain, and fight disease.

Most people, even those who buy into the Law of Attraction introduced in the popular DVD called The Secret(Extended Edition), have trouble connecting thoughts with results and as a result, do not believe they create their own reality.

Someone or something ELSE is always responsible. This belief persists, despite the fact that The Secret DVD revealed a truth that's been recognized for centuries - you create your own reality through your thoughts.

Proof Positive
Wanna experience how this works? This visualization will give you a little "taste" of what your mind is capable of creating:

Get in a quiet place (for a few moments).
Close your eyes and picture a ripe, juicy lemon.
Imagine you are slicing the lemon - and as you are slicing it, you see and smell the droplets of lemon juice. The lemon is so juicy that you easily smell the lemony scent.

Now, pick up the lemon slice and put it in your mouth. Taste the lemon's sourness.

At this point, you can open your eyes. If you really got into this experience with the lemon, you not only smelled it and felt the juice on your skin, but your mouth started watering.

Okay - no lemon, just the thought of a lemon. And it produced a reaction in your body. That's a perfect connection between mind and body; it's Mind Body Fitness.

Guided Imagery / Self-Healing Authority
Gerald EpsteinGuided imagery (what you did with the lemon) is a technique to create Mind Body Fitness. One of the leading authorities in area of guided imagery and self-healing is Gerald Epstein. His bestselling audio program is called The Phoenix Method.

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