Friday, May 14, 2010

Are You Willing To Spend 5 Minutes Each Day To Stop Memory Loss Now?

Stop Memory Loss? Yes - it is possible to stop and even reverse memory loss.

But you need to be willing to spend a few minutes per day doing siimple brain exercises.

Brainercise or neurobics are simple brain exercises. This mental exercise helps develop mental acuity and defend against dementia and and even Alzeimer's disease.

Not only is brainercise painless, it doesn't take forever. Five minutes per day is enough time to start developing new brain pathways and improving cognitive functioning.

The brain is an amazing organ and can recover from unbelievable trauma. Brainercise focuses brain development on the less frequently used parts of the brain, similar to what brain-injured patients are able to accomplish.

For example, try the simple act of brushing your teeth with your eyes closed. Close your eyes, find the toothpaste and toothbrush, turn on the water faucets, brush your teeth, rinse, and put away the toothbrush and tooth paste. You have just exercised the part of your brain that controls your sense of touch.

If you would like specific exercises for your memory, you can get a book of exercises (

If you would rather listen to experts lead you through brainercise and brain functioning, here's an excellent program:

The FlexBrain Method

Stop memory loss now!

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