Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mind Body Fitness - It's Never Too Late To Start An Anti-Aging Program!

The gaping hole in Western medicine is a concept called mind body fitness - the impact the mind has over the body.

Likewise, mind body fitness is an essential component of an anti-aging program. So, Westen medicine will address physical symptoms, (maybe) tackle nutritional deficiencies, but will NOT connect thoughts to physical manifestations (mind body fitness).

An Example
Here's an example of how negative thoughts affect your body.

You get laid off from work. You have bills, debt, and kids. You are thinking negative thoughts non-stop for weeks and months. The whole ordeal is very stressful.

To make matter much worse, three months after getting laid off, you get really sick. It might be the flu, or migraine headaches, or some form of cancer.

You might not make the connection, but it's almost certain that the stress and the negative thinking created the physical manifestation.

The author has witnessed this cause-effect tens of times for a number of family members.

How Does Mind Body Fitness Fit Into An Anti-Aging Program?
Mind Body Fitness is the connecting link in an anti-aging program. Exercise your body and brain, eat right, and focus your thought process (mind body fitness) through a combination of techniques - mental imagery, meditation, yoga.

Mental Imagery
For example, in your anti-aging program, you can use mental imagery as a healing technique. Using "mind pictures," you can lower your blood pressure and manage/reduce pain.

Gerald Epstein is a pioneer in the field of mental imagery.

FYI - his best-selling book (Healing Visualizations: Creating Health Through Imagery)
is shown below.

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