Friday, May 14, 2010

Mind Body Fitness For Baby Boomers - Why You Need To Erase Thoughts Like "It's Tough To Get Old"

Baby Boomers:

Mind Body Fitness and the power of our thoughts are far more important than most of us will ever understand. Take a few minutes to find out how your thoughts can impact your life.

My Mom passed away a few years ago. One of her favorite sayings was "It's Tough To Get Old." If you looked at last few years of her life, you'd understand why it was her favorite quote. Plagued with undiagnosed kidney disease, her body poisoned itself until her kidneys finally failed. But she told no one, not even her doctor, about the state of her health.

Suffering in silence, doing nothing, and thinking how badly she felt created a steadily worsening condition and hence the oft-repeated "It's Tough To Get Old."

How hard is it to reverse a pattern of negative thoughts? Apparently, for those who know no other way to think, it's impossible. The Abraham-Hicks quote shown below says it all:

Clearly, there is little joy in a life focused on thoughts of pain and suffering.

But if we are aging and starting to realize physical limitations, how do we find joy again?

Good question! The simplest formula to follow is that negative thought generates more negative thought AND likewise, postive thought generates more positive thought (the Law of Attraction).

Begin with this formula. Abraham-Hicks is a great source of how to move toward a joyful existence:

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