Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Boomer Notice: How An Anti-Aging Program Can Help You Face The Biggest Challenge Of Your Life

What's The Biggest Challenge For Baby Boomers? The oldest boomers are now approaching 65 and many are feeling the effects of aging (and might have for quite a while). Most can benefit from a comprehensive anti-aging program.

So what's the verdict - grow old gracefully in great health or suffer the full effects of aging from this point forward?

Obviously, if your lifestyle has already accelerated the aging process, it will take more work to get to the "growing old gracefully in great health" part, but it can be done!

The anti-aging program contains the following components:

1 Brain Health

Although all 3 components of this program are important, brain health is the focal point. If your body is in great physical condition, but you don't recognize your family members, there is a problem!

Brainercise (or neurobics) are brain exercises (unless thinking hurts, these exercises are painless). They help develop mental acuity and stave off cognitive problems like dementia.

2 Physical Fitness

This component serves 2 purposes - you get to move like a younger version of yourself and if you practice aerobics, your brain will benefit significantly from the oxygen and nutrients delivered to it.

These exercises address age-specific aerobics, strength, flexibility, and balance.

3 Sound Nutrition

This part of the anti-aging program addresses eating the right foods to fight inflammation and oxidative stress. Ideally, food should contain the nutrients we need as we age, but they probably do not. Specific Supplementaion is usually required.

More Information
Click for more information about the "Easy As 1-2-3" Anti-Aging Program.

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