Monday, March 15, 2010

Age Defiance and Longevitity Key Topics - Age Defying Workouts, Age-Specific Nutrition, and Brainercise/Neurobics

Is This Your Future?

Are you a boomer and beginning to feel the effects of primary aging (joint pain, aching muscles, memory loss)?

Not a problem - you can address these age defiance and longevity issues from more than a few angles.

Here's of list of informational sources on these topics and the areas they address:

Boomer or Zoomer?
Are you a boomer or a boomer with zip (zoomer)? Discover the personal attributes that promote longevity with quality of life.

Fitness for Boomers and Age Defying Workouts
Boomers need to keep fit and eat nutritional meals to keep up with the aging process and to continue feeling youthful and vital. Age-specific activity levels and nutritional requirements are discussed.

Stop Memory Loss NOW!
There are three ways to provent and stop memory loss. Find out what they are BEFORE it's too late!

Challenge the aging process!
Defy aging!
Erase the belief that "It's tough to get old!"
Do it now!

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