Friday, March 5, 2010

3 Simple Ways to Prevent, Reverse and Stop Memory Loss Now

The best way to stop memory loss is to develop a healthy brain. How do you do that?

You'll need to look into each of these three activities and start doing each of them now:

In case you haven't tried simple movement in the past few years, let me remind you how being active makes you feel alive and much younger. No more groaning to get up from couch potato duty or holding onto the stair rail.

Execrcise and movement could be as simple as regular walking or if you need some real structure - an age-specific workout program like the first ever age defying workout program at

Exercise helps feed the brain by promoting circulation and supplying nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Brain Nutrition
There are specific foods that promote brain health and decrease inflammation. They are explained in this lens:

And of course supplements help, but that would be a conversation between you and your doctor or nutritionist. Since supplementation needs to be customized to work well, it's best to consult the experts.

Brainercise or Neurobics
Yup - you can actually exercise your brain with crossword puzzles, word problems, and changes in schedule. See for a video and suggestions on brainercise for you.

Okay, those are the 3 activities to start doing to prevent, reverse, or stop memory loss.

Here's to finding your keys and your car in the parking lot every time!

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