Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Boomer Alert: Preventing Memory Loss Potentially Leading to Dementia and Alzeimer's Disease

Dear Fellow Boomers:

Whoops - almost forgot what I was going to write about - oh yeah - MCI! Just kidding!

You need to be aware of and prevent the onset of a particular type of memory loss called MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Although forgetfulness (for example, where you put the car keys) is a normal part of aging, more severe memory loss is not. The following article (link here) describes MCI and what you can do NOW to prevent it:

Fitness for Boomers –
How You Can PREVENT Memory Loss from Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI)

If you’re a baby boomer, why should you care about mild cognitive impairment and what does it have to do with fitness for boomers?

Isn’t forgetfulness just a part of aging that you cannot avoid?

The answers to these questions are detailed below.

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)?

Here’s the Mayo Clinic definition: “MCI is a disorder of the brain in which nerve cells involved in one aspect of cognitive processing (thinking abilities) are impaired.”

Why Worry About MILD Cognitive Impairment?

There are two reasons for concern about MCI:


According to the Mayo Clinic, “The symptoms often include:
• Frequently repeating statements.
• Frequently misplacing items.
• Frequently forgetting details of conversations, events, and appointments.”

Although these symptoms are more severe than the forgetfulness due to normal aging, they usually do not seriously impact the ability to live independently. They ARE frustrating for the individual with MCI and those who interact with them.

The Future
People who have MCI are more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease then those who have NOT developed MCI.

Prevent MCI Through Fitness for Boomers

What can boomers do to prevent MCI? Clean and simple – exercise and fitness for boomers. But you need not believe the author, look up Dr. Mercola on the net:

In recent studies that document the positive effects exercise has on brain function, findings show that performing moderate exercise, (aerobics, yoga and strength training) DURING MIDLIFE lead to a 39 percent decreased risk of developing mild cognitive impairment. (

The Evidence is Clear

You’re a boomer and you want no part of aging that can potentially threaten your ability to function on your own, whether it’s MCI or unhappily, dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Take the next step – discover fitness for boomers and the types of exercise you need to prevent or minimize MCI symptoms.

It’s NOT “tough to get old,” as long as you take action!

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