Monday, August 29, 2016

If you think cataract surgery will be a piece of cake, read this post.

So, a few days ago I had cataract surgery on my left eye. Most everyone I talked to about the surgery was very pleased with the outcome and did not mention any issues. I realize that every surgery is unique and people may react differently.

My experience belongs to me and you may not have the same symptoms.

On the positive side, I can see very well out of my left eye. The minor scratchy, sandy feeling disappeared the day after surgery. I could have taken an over the counter med to relieve it, but chose not to.

On the negative side, I have this flickering light sensation when I read. It's annoying more than anything else and is likely to lessen over time. The surgeon said I should be able to drive, but since I can't see much out of my right side, driving is difficult. Also, because my eye was not corrected for close work, typing this post feels strange at best.

Once I have the right eye surgery in about 10 days, I will post my reaction to that.

An encouraging note: The vast majority of cataract surgeries are successful (yes I can see very well). Best of luck with your cataract surgery.

Check out this book. 
Just remember that your experience may be different than the author's.

Cataract Surgery: Before, During & After: Preparing for surgery, enduring it gracefully and recovering in comfort

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