Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Valuable Weight Loss Tip – How To Make Sure You Are Never So Hungry You’ll Eat Anything

F O R  T H E   H U N G R I E S

When you’ve picked a “forever” eating plan to lose weight, you should never get so hungry that you’ll eat anything you can find in your food cabinets, the fridge, or in a a trip to a fast food restaurant. (Here's my "forever plan" - Lose 20 Pounds In 1 Month.)

How do you do that – make sure you’re never so hungry you’ll eat anything?

Let me give you an example – a few days, I was driving a long distance to get to a friend’s house in another state. I got so hungry that I seriously considered pulling off into the interstate rest stop for some fast food. Then I remembered I had packed “emergency food” into a small cooler/lunchbox. It contained a few hard-boiled eggs, some raw nuts, some sliced up veggies, and a stainless steel container of water. I pulled over and ate the “emergency food.”

My point – if you are serious about weight loss, you will be prepared for the “I’m so hungry I’m going to eat anything” events. And, you won’t be eating the stuff that’ll make you feel sick and guilty.

Admittedly, this is not entirely my weight loss tip, but comes from the 10-day detox diet book written by Dr. Mark Hyman (See A 10-Day Super Nutritional Makeover To Detox, Eliminate Food Addictions, and Lose Weight). He writes that you should stock your office, your purse or briefcase, and your glove compartment with healthy food like whole-food protein bars, nuts, and dried wild blueberries to name a few items. His book describes an entire list of “emergency food.”

Be prepared for the “hungries” with healthy food!

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