Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Excessive Sugar Consumption Puts The "Un" In Unhealthy

Sugar is all over the news. By now, everyone except the food industry understands that excessive sugar consumption makes people fat and makes it impossible to lose weight (the food industry can't afford to buy into this fact).

And the same excessive sugar consumption puts the “un” in unhealthy.

Also, sugar is connected with diabetes and heart disease (and many other diseases).

So the question is, “Do you stil crave sugar or have you done away with the addiction?

Yes I have eliminated sugar addiction
If the answer to this question is yes, Congratulations – you have made a giant step toward getting healthy and achieving your weight loss goals.

No I still eat and/or drink sweet foots and drinks
On the other hand, if you are still addicted to sugar, you have one and only one choice – end the addiction. Cold turkey. Otherwise you will always crave sugar.

Like the cigarette smoker who is addicted to nicotine, the only way to stop is to stop cold turkey. Note that the former smoker who smokes “just one” gets re-addicted to nicotine during the first puff of the “just one.”

Ask any former alcoholic if they can have “just one drink?”

Similarly, the former sugarholic who has “just one chocolate” or “just one piece of candy” ends up becoming re-addicted to candy.

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Here’s to stopping sugar cravings forever!

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