Saturday, March 8, 2014

Even So-Called "Healthy" Foods Are Full of Sugar

A few days ago, The World Health Organization (WHO) dropped its sugar intake recommendation from 10 percent of daily calorie intake to 5 percent. Finally, the WHO has recognized sugar's major contribution to diabetes, obesity, kidney, and heart disease.
The new WHO sugar recommendation translates to about 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of sugar per day for an adult.
Unfortunately, most people don't know that processed foods usually contain a lot of sugar. You can drink 37 grams of sugar in one can of coke. 

A perfect example of a sugar-laden "healthy food"

Chobani yogurt claims to be a "healthy" protein food, yet the black cherry version has 24 grams of sugar. Even the light version, only 100 calories, contains 7 grams. 

What do you do if you're trying to reduce the sugar in your diet but love yogurt? In the above example, the fruit contributes the greatest amount of sugar.  Here's what you do - buy the plain version of Chobani (3 sugar grams) and add a few slices of strawberries or some lemon or lime juice. Now you have your yogurt with 5 grams of sugar, about 20% of the daily recommendation.

Losing weight is much easier when you control the amount of sugar you eat. The eating plan described below restricts sugar and carbs, encouraging the consumption of "good carbs."

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