Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Writes The Best Weight Loss Blog?

I decided I needed to improve because I (think) I was getting way too technical with my posts. So I checked out the best weight loss blogs on the internet in 2 separate online polls.

Most of what I discovered is what I expected: 
  • The best blogs are written by young to mid life women who have lost a significant amount of weight. Why don’t men write about weight loss? Maybe they concentrate on weight training blogs?
  • The best blogs include workout routines, recipes, and personal chronicles of struggles with weight.
  • The best blogs are about real life – what it’s like to take care of kids, work, write a blog, and maintain a weight loss target.

But honestly, I did NOT expect the entertainment factor associated with some of these blogs, especially my favorite blog.

Yum Yucky Donuts

My Fav Blog

Of course I have a favorite blog – it’s an award winning reality blog with exercise and recipe posts. It’s downright real from the occasional expletive to the funky vids to the great recipes. This woman should have her own TV show based on her blog entertainment factor.

The pic above shows Josie’s cake donuts – they look great and don’t have a whole lot of sugar. Bet they taste great!

Just saying -  Josie’s blog is my favorite, but there are other excellent blogs like by Mary. She shares things I am interested in. She just did a review of the Fitbit Flex tracking tool.

But I’m Getting Off Point . . .

Right now, AgeDefiance zones in on the periodic product review, strength training, motivation to lose weight, the low sugar/low carb eating plan (remember the free ebook – How To Lose 20 Pounds In 1 Month?).

What do YOU want to see in a weight loss blog?

I am interested in your comments and will do my best to satisfy your needs as someone who really wants to drop weight and feel good about themselves.


P.S. I thought about doing a poll, but comments seem the more appropriate route to the most important topics for you.

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  1. I believe the best weight loss blogs out there are the ones that deliver the most value to the readers. There are different readers with different needs and therefore what is considered best by some of them might just be not what the other need. I believe as long as you deliver value you are good, the right reader will find you!