Saturday, February 22, 2014

Online Marketers: Deliver On Your Promises or Lose Sales!

This post is a rant. 

Know that people who sell things online do not always fulfill their promises. 

I don't quite understand the technique of promising to deliver a message people want to know and then either not delivering or totally obscuring the message.

It borders on dishonesty.

Obscuring the promised message was the case when I viewed the beyonddiet dot com video promising to tell me about the following:

5 Foods You Must Not Eat

Watch this Short Video to See the 5 Foods You Should NEVER Eat to Lose a Bit of Belly Fat Every Day

C'mon - don't YOU want to find out what the 5 foods are? 

I watched this video for well over 30 minutes.And so did 2 friends of mine. We can GUESS what those 5 foods might be, but the vid NEVER explicitly stated them.

Bummer! Because the vid is jam packed with solid nutritional information. And maybe the product is worth the cost.

But guess what! 

I won't buy the beyond diet material - they did not deliver on their initial promise!  What other promises will they fail to deliver?

And if someone thinks a 30 minute video is short, he/she should think again!

I'd be interested in hearing your comments AND an explanation from the people who need to deliver on their promise.

Oh - I tried to contact the authors - NO Response!

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