Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free and Convenient Strength Training To Boost Metabolism And Fat Burning

Proper Form Is Key
I finally figured out that weight training is a must for me because that's one way I can look and feel younger than my age. But honestly, when I moved to a town without a fitness center within a few miles, I gave up the weight lifting stuff. I was doing heavy duty gardening so it was okay for a few months.

Now I'm stuck inside because it's 20 degrees outdoors. I'm doing DVDs several times a week to maintain. I've been looking for some variety and found it in an article about bodyweight strength training. Apparently it's very easy to do it incorrectly.

Since I hate being hurt (can't get anything done on my LONG to do list), I read the article with great interest.
See what you think . . .

Five Bodyweight Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them

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  1. Thanks for the info. This should be very helpful to someone who is trying to lose weight.