Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lifestyle Changes Can Make a BIG Difference in Your Health

lifestyle changes
After the diagnosis of elevated blood sugar along with high blood pressure and cholesterol, I've changed my diet, increased my activity level, and managed to stick with the stress management techniques. For Dr. Dean Ornish readers, this sounds a lot like his program (Reverse Heart Disease) with a de-emphasis on low fat.

These represent true lifestyle changes and after a few weeks, the results are showing - 2 inches off the waist (this is a very positive change), 8 pounds dropped, and actual muscle definition. More energy is also a benefit of eating the right foods.

The dietary changes can be a little rough - minimal sugar, low carbs (and I do mean low) and high protein. The naturopath was adamant about low carbs and minimal sugar. I have NOT tried to curb calories or restrict portions. I just changed what I eat.

I will not know how these changes have affected my cholesterol levels and sugar until I take blood tests in about a month. I stopped taking Lipitor because it was damaging my liver (a common side effect).

A Few Tips about Making Lifestyle Changes
  • If you have the symptoms described above - high blood pressure, elevated sugar and cholesterol levels - lifestyle changes can help reverse the disease causing these symptoms. Medication addresses the symptoms and ONLY the symptoms.
  • Especially if you have these symptoms, make lifestyle changes under the direction of your doctor.
  • Whatever you do, do not take yourself off medication.
  • If you want to understand the severity of the problems caused by our environment and our lifestyles - educate yourself. References are as follows: 5 Outstanding Books to Defy Aging and Improve Your Health and Fitness and How to Win the Battle with Diabesity.

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