Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop the Dieting Vicious Cycle: How to Avoid Dieting and Get Thin

What's the dieting vicious cycle?

Wanna stop this insanity? Read on . .

Why dieting doesn't work

Here's a quote from the best-selling author Paul McKenna:

Continue to diet and you will keep the weight on FOR LIFE.

How can he make such a claim?

Because dieters on a calorie reduction plan get into a rut. They slow down their metabolism by reducing the number of calories they eat so that their bodies go into a survival mode.

Now, they may start to lose weight but . . . they are also losing muscle mass. This slows down their metabolism even more.

And now that it's becoming increasingly difficult to lose even a pound every so often, they stop the diet. And they inevitably re-gain the weight.

Yes, it's a vicious cycle.

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