Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Klean Kanteen Water Bottles - How To Stop Them From Warbling!

In a previous post, (Klean Kanteen Quality Control), the author discussed the manufacture of Klean Kanteen Water Bottles - the stainless steel best water bottles on the market.

This info came from the company spokesperson. The author considers the Klean Kanteen Water Bottles an excellent choice for quality, eco-consciousness, and price. But alas! There was one wee little complaint - the bottles may make embarassing noises when you use the sports cap.

Apparently, you can minimize the noise. Here's what the spokesperson said about Klean Kanteen water botttle warbling:

Some make more noise than others, and there are a couple things you can do to minimize the sound. If you tighten the cap just enough so that the silicon gasket grabs onto the lip of the bottle (without leaking when tipped) it lessens the pressure in the bottle and therefore lessens the work of the little silicon valve on the top of the cap, which is where the air flows in and out of the steel bottle and is the source of the sound. This is the most important hint – do NOT over-tighten your cap!!

Make sure that the silicon valve is positioned correctly in the cap (you can do this by turning your cap upside down and looking inside it).

Also, make sure the valve (white dot in the top of your cap) is under your nose while drinking, so that the loop handle is toward your right cheek. This way the vent is backed by air and not fighting liquid when tilting the kanteen back for drinking. This should help the air to flow more smoothly through the valve and minimize the noise.

Minimize the noise and you have a near-perfect water bottle for the office, home, and fitness club!

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