Friday, February 4, 2011

The Carb Free Diet Returns With A Vengeance

Do you recall all the issues surrounding the carb free diet called the Atkins diet?

In a recently published book entitled Why We Get Fat -
the scientific journalist Gary Taubes explains how consuming excessive carbs (sugar, white rice, bread, potatoes) has created the obesity epidemic.

AND this author explains why the majority of American health issues are related directly to what we eat – an overwhelming amount of carbohydrates. Case in point - the incidence of breast cancer for Japanese women living in Japan is very low. But when Japanese women immigrate to the United States, within two generations their incidence of breast cancer matches the general population. The obvious explanation is what they eat.

Turns out that a low carb eating plan may be an answer for the obesity epidemic after all. And perhaps your ticket to better health.

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