Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Get In Shape This Year Even If You're A Fat Baby Boomer Part I

First, STOP watching The Biggest Loser!

Because . . .That's not how to get in shape for most of us baby boomers - do you have access to a personal trainer 24 hours a day and do you have time to work out 8 hours a day?

The Time Is Now - NO Excuses.
Whatever your reason for failing to get in shape in the past, you'll have no excuse this year if you pick walking as your primary exercise! You do not need a trainer at your side nor do you need a great deal of time.

Okay, so before you say "I'm not walking outside in 20 degree weather," who said anything about OUTDOORS?

What Kind Of Walking Can You Do Indoors?
The kind that starts slowing, with a mile or two (for us BIG boys and girls) and then gradually builds up to longer and longer "walks."

This started a week ago when I was bored of the same old elliptical machine routine and happened to re-discover Leslie Sansone's DVD - Leslie Sansone Walk Slim: Fast and Firm 4 Really Big Miles.

I walked a mile - Leslie's way - with a heart monitor. Now, I realize I'm not the youngest boomer, but if you follow her lead, varying the walking in place, you can get your heart rate in the cardio range. Next, I tried the same mile with a light dumbbells. Even more of a workout!

And if you're just starting out, you could try the easy stuff:
Start! Walking At Home with Leslie Sansone: Beginner/Intermediate - 1 and 2 Mile Walk
Start! Walking with Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk
These are just the beginning DVDs - she's got more than you can imagine in her Walk At Home program.

Now you know how to get in shape this year - a mile takes a whole 10 - 15 min right in your own home, doesn't require equipment (unless you use dumbbells), and Leslie is your ever-present personal trainer.

What have you got to lose
but the fat around your waist?

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