Thursday, July 29, 2010

About Baby Boomers And Health - The Three-Legged Stool Approach To Well-Being

The topic of baby boomers and health is NOT just about physical well-being, but also includes

* Mental Health (brain and mind body fitness) AND

* What you feed your body (Nutritional Fitness).

These three factors - Physical Health, Mental Health, and Nutritional Fitness create a "3-legged stool approach" to well-being for baby boomers. You need all three for total health. If any one or more is lacking, your health suffers.

Most of us focus on physical symptoms and ignore the other factors. The American medical community is coming around bit by bit, but still tends to de-emphasize the mind's impact on the body, ALTHOUGH nutrition has become a priority because of the obesity problem in the United States.

Are you complaining about physical ailments like joint problems, heart issues, diabetes, failing vision, or excessive fatigue? DO NOT atrribute these conditions to "getting" old until and unless you look at the other components of baby boomer health.

Also, stop looking around at what physical issues other boomers are experiencing. Focus on YOU and your health.

Want a look at how to handle the other two legs of the 3-legged stool?

These are suggestions to consider - help is on its way . . .

Physical and Nutritional Fitness

Brain Health And Mind Body Fitness

Baby Boomers And Health - Take care of yourself NOW!

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