Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fitness For Boomers - The Extraordinary Anti-Aging Benefits of Yoga

Fitness For Boomers has become my new mantra. And in the process, I am experimenting with different types of workouts, the so-called anti-aging workouts.

The "Boot Camp"
As part of this experimentation, I took two fitness classes at a local fitness center. The first was an hour "boot camp" - an aeorbics, core, strength-training hour of never-ending movement.

It was a sweaty nightmare and a lot of clock-watching. I have been walking a lot, but I did not anticipate how stressful it would be. At 61, if you are out-of-shape, you are REALLY out-of-shape.

But the benefits are obvious - increased oxygenation for breathing and circulation; strengthing arms, legs, and core; and a 10-minute improve your balance routine. All are anti-aging benefits.

The First Yoga Class
FYI - I have done yoga, but never with an instructor present.

Wow - what a contrast between the "boot camp" and the yoga (which was 75 minutes of introspective focusing on the instructor's commentary and poses with a meditation period at the end).

The anti-aging benefits of yoga are truly amazing (straight from the doctor's pen at

• Improves balance
• Straightens spinal kyphosis (the excessive hunching over that happens to people as they age)
• Improves muscle strength and reverses the muscle loss that happens with age
• Improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms (joints are "oiled" through controlled movement)
• Decreases anxiety and depression (the meditation period was very calming)
• Increases flexibility

This second class was truly enjoyable - the time flew by. And as far as I'm concerned, the anti-aging benefits of yoga far outweigh the aeorbics benefits.

You will realize the anti-aging benefits of yoga if you do it correctly (which requires an instructor, at least in the beginning), AND you take a class according to your skill level. Don't try to jump into an advanced yoga class without knowing the basics.

Oh - and an excellent instructor would also be a requirement for achieving the superior anti-aging benefits of yoga.

Interested in Fitness For Boomers? Yoga beats Aerobics any day!

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