Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AgeDefiance Challenges You: Discover How Long You Can Expect To Live!

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Are you interested in finding out how long you can expect to live based on environment, heredity, and lifestyle factors?

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Age Defying Workouts:
Discover How Long You Can Expect To Live!

Think about this: Do you really want to know how long you can expect to live?

And what is the connection between this expected age and age defying workouts?

Of Course You Want to Know!
Dr. David J. Demko, Gerontologist, devised a quiz to calculate the age to which you can expect to live. This seemingly innocent quiz is called the Death Calculator (it should be called the LIFE Calculator).

The quiz is based on your environment, heredity, and lifestyle choices. Once you complete the quiz, you get THE number – the age to which you can expect to live.

Beware of Scary Quiz Results
So now you have the calculated age. If your number is 110, congrats! If NOT and THE number is way too low, your mind will reach for ways to make it higher, MUCH higher!
Now you understand the connection between THE number and age defying workouts. These workouts are one of the primary ways, along with the proper diet, to change THE number – the age to which you can expect to live.

How to Make THE Number Higher
Look at the factors you can control: environment and lifestyle choices. A couple of examples are as follows:

1. You live in a city in a country where pollution is uncontrolled. It may not be an easy thing to do, but you might consider living in the unpolluted countryside.

2. You are the ultimate couch potato. Get moving. Consider age defying workouts to improve balance, endurance, strength, and brain power.

3. You smoke or someone you live with smokes. Stop and/or get that someone to smoke outside. Believe it – cold weather helps to cut way down on the smokes!

4. You eat junk food while couch potatoing. Once you get moving, substitute a healthy alternative (salsa and rice crackers) for the French fries or potato chips.

You know you will not live forever, but you can make the years after age 40, traditionally years of physical and mental decline, years of growth instead.

Your Wake-Up Call
If your Death Calculator Quiz results set off alarms and you want to take immediate action, start with agedefyingworkouts.com and raise THE number beginning TODAY.

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