Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Prediabetes - Be Careful of Overdoing The Weights

I'm well into the third month of working on getting my blood sugar controlled with diet and exercise. About the second month I noticed the fasting sugar levels had declined to a certain point and then stalled.

I knew it was time to add weights to my exercise routine.

So I started with canned routines I had used in the past. They were specifically targeted at people who were older and unable to do certain tougher lifting. I have never been injured using these routines, at least not until a week ago.

The day after I completed a 30 minutes light weight routine, I found it difficult to straighten up. And the lower pain just got worse the next few days.

The way back to back health involved a heating pad and aspirin. It took about a week to feel better. And it'll take another week to get back to being able to exercise again.

Bottom line - take it easy lifting weights. If something hurts, stop. Otherwise, you will seriously short circuit your goal to reduce your blood sugar levels.

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