Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is Your PC Bluetooth Challenged? Try Installing A Dongle

bluetooth dongle
Yes, D-O-N-G-L-E. A bluetooth dongle.

What's it for?

Communicating (e.g., playing music) via bluetooth from a PC to another bluetooth enabled device, like headphones or a wireless speaker.

My not-so-easy problem was as follows:

We bought a Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker to play itunes music in the living room.

We hooked it up to an iPad over our home network using a free Samsung app called multiroom. It worked fine.

But the vast majority of itunes music was on the PC - a Toshiba satellite, non-bluetooth, with Windows Vista.

How do we make the PC bluetooth compatible so it will play itunes songs on the speaker (bluetooth-enabled)?

The solution - Use a DONGLE. Tiny, but potent. Plug it into a USB port on the PC.

Once I ordered it from Amazon, updated Vista for Service Pack 2, and paired the PC with the speaker, I finally got it to work.

Emphasis on the word finally!

In case you're interested in the new Samsung Shape wireless speakers, you can read this article:

Samsung Shape M7 Multiroom Wireless Speakers

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