Friday, May 2, 2014

The Colonoscopy Prep Is Much Worse Than The Procedure

Today was the day - 1:30 procedure. I went into the clinic at 12:45, got called at 1 PM, got the anesthesia, and woke up at 2 PM. I don't remember a thang.

Two tiny polys and an internal hemorrhoid. No surprise.

I left before i could talk to the doc. No need now. I'll talk to him when the polyp results come back.

Done deal. Except for the prep. Such an ugly nightmare. I did split sessions last night and early this morning with a saline solution called movietime. Yucky tasting salty lemony drink to cleanse your colon.

And I need to do this again in 5 years? That's the result of a family history of colon cancer.

I suppose there are worst things to suffer through - like actual cancer treatments.

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