Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Best Weight Loss Diet For You

The low sugar, low carb, high fiber eating plan continues to be the eating plan of choice for me. This plan, along with a healthy dose of daily exercise, keeps my weight normalized, reduces blood pressure and blood sugar, and maintains good cholesterol numbers. See this post: Forget Counting Calories To LoseWeight - Count These Critical Items Instead.
But it’s not the only eating plan that works.

For example, Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox and his transition plan into “normal” eating accomplishes wonders in terms of weight loss and healthy numbers. See this article: 

AND, I have a friend who finds the FASTdiet effective for weight. It’s simple – fast 2 days a week at 500 calories per day. The rest of the week you can eat whatever you want. Yup, I hate counting calories because all calories aren’t created equal, BUT who am I to critique a healthy diet that helps people drop weight? See Can't LoseWeight? Here's Two State-of-the-Art Scientifically-Based Methods To Lose WeightFast.  

The FASTdiet does’t always deliver quick weight loss, but 1 pound per week sounds like steady progress toward a target. Once you achieved your target weight, the “forever” eating plan is to fast 1 day a week.

Granted, 500 calories 2 days a week appears to be difficult, but apparently it’s not for this person. The name of the game is to eat low calorie, high food value calories. My friend eats a small cereal with raisins and almonds in the morning, cut up veggies for lunch, and a salad with protein or soup for dinner.

The point is . . . do whatever works for you.

Make sure it is a forever plan or can be transitioned into one.

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