Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 Simple Ways To Eat A Healthier Diet For Faster Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, eating a healthy diet should be your first priority.  Exercise is important, but diet is king when it comes to lifelong weight management. 
This post provides 3 simple ways to make healthy changes in the way you eat on a daily basis.
#1 Make sure to eat healthy fats in most of your meals. 
Eating enough healthy fats is important for maintaining proper fat burning and muscle building hormone levels in your body.  Adequate healthy fats in your diet also helps in keeping your appetite under control.

The healthiest sources of dietary fats are raw nuts, seeds, egg yolks (from organic free range eggs), avocados, extra virgin olive oil (highest antioxidant content of olive oils), coconut oil (a great source of healthy saturated fats), and grass-fed meats (a great source of the healthy fat, conjugated linoleic acid, which can help burn body fat and build muscle).

Eat a handful of raw nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds are great healthy choices) 3 times a day about 30 minutes prior to meals.  This can help to quell your appetite and give your body some protein, fiber, and healthy fats so that you eat less calories overall at your meals and get more nutrition at the same time due to the high nutrient density of most nuts.
#2 Try to eat a high quality protein source with each meal and snack that you eat. 
Quality proteins from grass-fed meats, grass-fed raw dairy, and even from plant sources such as nuts and beans provides appetite suppression so you can control your caloric intake easier.

Getting quality proteins also helps you to build lean muscle (if you're working out hard regularly) so that your metabolism can run at a higher rate from the increased lean muscle on your body.
Eating sufficient protein at most of your meals also aids your body in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels by helping to slow the breakdown of ingested carbohydrates.
#3 Minimize your grain consumption (from cereals, bagels, breads, pasta, etc) and you will start to lose body fat much easier.  
Focus carbohydrate intake on fruits and vegetables solely. This simple step alone usually helps people to start managing their weight more easily.
One of the main reasons that so many individuals struggle to lose weight for most of their lives is due to eating excessive processed carbohydrates such as refined grain-based starches and refined sugars on a daily basis.
The natural sugars in whole fruits and berries are okay because the fiber in fruits helps to slow the blood sugar response in your body.  Just make sure to avoid fruit juices, which are mostly sugar and have the fiber removed in processing the juice.
Incorporate these 3 ways to eat a smarter, healthier diet into your daily routine and you’ll see a leaner body and more energy in no time.
P.S. This article courtesy of Mike Geary - Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Catherine Ebeling - RN, BSN, authors of  bestsellers The Fat-Burning Kitchen and The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging.

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