Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 55 Flat-Belly, Healthy Foods

Okay, so you downloaded my free weight loss ebook How To Lose 20 Pounds In 1 Month and figured out how to restrict your sugar consumption (as low as 15 grams per day).

Inevitably, one day you'll be looking for something to eat (probably because you forgot breakfast or skimped on lunch). Now you're checking out the vending machine or finding junk food in the fridge or cabinet

You might think about planning ahead, and stocking your cabinets and fridge with food that will help you stay on target. 

These are 2 good examples of “flat-belly” foods you should stock up on:

Nut butters - Plain old peanut butter is boring. Instead, mix together almond butter with pecan butter, or even cashew butter with macadamia butter . . . delicious and unbeatable nutrition!  Using a variety of nut butters gives you a broader range of vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients, and gives you variety instead of boring old peanut butter all the time.

Dark chocolate (as dark as possible - ideally more than 70-75% cocoa content) – Not only does this satisfy your sweet tooth, it provides loads of antioxidants at the same time. It's still calorie dense, so keep it to just 1-2 small squares after a meal... but that’s enough to do the trick.

But that’s only a few healthy foods you should have available to help you avoid temptation and prevent the junk food grazing that most likely contributed to your weight gain.

For your well-being and convenience - you can find the rest of the top 55 flat-belly foods by clicking HERE.

Here’s to eating healthy foods!


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