Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Shocking Statistic Explains Why So Many Americans Are Fat

Take a good look around you the next time you're in a crowd of people at a sports stadium or a music concert. How many people are so overweight that they struggle to to get into their seats. You know - the people who have trouble getting by you in the narrow seat aisles. The people whose clothes just don't fit right. It's sad.

Hopefully, you are not one of these people. Take note that their overweight status is not their fault. It's not hormones or excessive overeating that's causing the obesity epidemic. It's the fact that the wrong foods are available in abundance. It's about what makes money in the food industry.

In fact, 67% of our total caloric intake originates from only 3 foods - CORN, SOY, AND WHEAT. These are the exact foods that cause obesity. And we eat them at almost every meal.

What amount of corn, soy, and wheat is healthy? 1% to 4% MAX of our total calories. That's it.

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Solution To This Issue

There are several ways to address the solution:
  1. Do nothing, let your health deteriorate, and stay overweight.
  2. The detox solution - a detoxification diet that purges your system and lets you start anew. See A 10-Day Super Nutritional Makeover To Detox, Eliminate Food Addictions, and Lose Weight.
  3. A new eating plan that brings you into the low sugar/low carb world of fast weight loss and better health. This quick video (less than 30 sec) explains the FREE ebook that will get you started on this "forever" eating plan.
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What's Your Choice?

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