Friday, March 21, 2014

The Worst Breakfast Choices (And What To Eat Instead)

In two separate newsletters recently, Dr. Andrew Weil talks about the importance of a nutrient-rich breakfast to help control weight and maintain energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day.  

If you eat the worst breakfast choices (as shown below), try the items in the right column instead:

What NOT To Eat
What To Eat Instead
High in sugar, trans-fats, calories and refined flour, doughnuts are not only bad for your waistline, but ultimately disastrous for your energy levels as well. The high sugar content is likely to end in a midday energy crash.
A piece of sprouted grain bread with some unsweetened nut butter instead.
Fast-Food "Breakfast Sandwiches." 
The combination of low-quality fried meats, processed cheese, and refined breads add up to a high-calorie, high-sodium unhealthy food.
Make a sandwich at home - include whole-grain bread, and high-quality cheese, along with fresh veggies to boost your morning fiber.
Sugared Cereal. 
While different brands vary widely in the amount of added sugars (do your homework and read the labels), sugared cereals should not be a part of your diet.
Add a half-teaspoon of sugar or stevia to unsweetened muesli, a bowl of steel-cut oats with some blackstrap molasses, which provides added doses of calcium and iron, or a banana.
This mix of rolled oats, grains and sometimes fruits and nuts can be healthy, but you need to read the labels. Granola can contain unhealthy polyunsaturated fats and a larger amount of sugar than you may suspect.
Add plain granola to unsweetened, full-fat organic yogurt with organic berries for added flavor and steadier energy throughout the morning.

In a second installment of his newsletters about breakfast, Dr Weil writes that
The ideal breakfast should provide one quarter to one third of your day's protein, a fair amount of fiber (as low-glycemic carbohydrates) and some healthy fat.

Here are some quick, healthful ideas  
  1. The traditional Japanese breakfast features broiled fish, steamed rice, pickled vegetables and green tea. Using canned, wild Alaskan salmon along with leftover rice and vegetables makes this a quick meal. 
  2. Granola that's low in sugar or other sweeteners with full-fat Greek yogurt, fruit and walnuts. 
  3. Keep some hardboiled eggs (choose free-range, omega-3 fortified eggs) on hand to eat with sprouted grain toast. Include a piece of fruit like an orange or grapefruit and a container of plain, unsweetened yogurt.

Have Yourself A Good Breakfast Everyday!


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