Friday, March 14, 2014

Lose Weight Easily By Following This One Simple Tip

This weight loss tip is way too simple. Losing weight may be as easy as eating mindfully.

My spouse and I are following a 5:2 fasting plan - 5 days of regular/healthy meals with 2 days of fasting (500 calories per day) - read about The Fast Diet HERE. We were eating our lunch of cut up veggies when we realized how long it was taking to chew one wee little carrot stick. Raw veggies take a long time to eat because you have to chew to cut up those hard sticks into digestable, swallowable tiny pieces.

Then, coincidentally, I was checking my email and found an article entitled Studies Show Eating More Slowly Benefits Your Health and Waistline.

Bottom line - "Consciously chewing food longer and eating mindfully are ways to slow down your eating, enrich your food experience, and improve your overall health and nutrition." 

Can eating really be a meditative process?

Instead of wolfing down your food, try chewing it, enjoying the taste and feel of the food. You will eat less, feel more satisfied, and lose weight in the process.

By the way, the "eating mindfully" suggestion is highly recommended by Paul McKenna in this book:  Number One Bestseller Shows You How To Lose Weight Easily.

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